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If your vehicle has a forward facing camera, it will need to be calibrated.

This camera is responsible for the different safety features on the vehicle. It may alert you when you are approaching another vehicle too quickly, or when you unintentionally are drifting into another lane.


These features are thanks to the camera that sits behind your rear view mirror. If the camera positioning is off by a couple millimeters, the sensors may not function properly. So let's keep you safe by doing a recalibration.

There are 3 types of camera calibrations and all of our technicians are expertly trained to recalibrate your vehicle.



To perform a static calibration, our technicians will set up targets around the parked vehicle and align the camera using laser pointers. If the camera cannot see certain targets, our technicians will adjust accordingly.



To perform a dynamic calibration, our technicians are required to drive the vehicle at a set speed and for a set amount of time depending on the brand. In order to reset, the camera has to pick up signs and lane markings.



To perform an universal calibration, our technicians combine both static and dynamic calibrations. If there are any errors, they adjust accordingly. It really is the best of both worlds.

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